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Our Water Damage Restoration Work Includes Fixing Drains and Sewers in Torrance, CA

One of the most common reasons for water damage is backflow from the drain or sewer. Both of these pipes run from your kitchen, bathroom, and other rooms in your house, to the outside of your home, through the ground, and then back up to your house. It can happen if debris builds up at the bottom of your pipes, which is what causes slow drainage. If you have a clog or if your pipes have been damaged, you’ll want to call Mitigation® right away. Our water damage restoration specialists in Torrance, CA are trained to fix drains and sewers!

Water Damage Restoration

Why Immediate Repairs Are Important

Even the simplest of clogs can mix with water and cause major problems. Clogs can range from the small bit of food matter that can’t be flushed down the toilet to the large tree roots that can cause major damage to your pipes. If tree roots are pushing against the piping that delivers water to your house, you’re going to have a problem. So, the moment you notice signs of clogging or even leaks, you’ll need to get it fixed immediately. Have experts like us repair the damage to the sewers and drains on you property.

We’ll Fix the Sewers and Drains for You!

When our trained team arrives to fix your sewer or drain, we’re prepared for whatever we find. From the smallest of debris to the large tree roots, we’re equipped to deal with them all. Whether your pipes are leaking or if there’s simply a bit of debris that won’t be removed, we’re the experts who can deal with them and make everything right again. We can seal cracks, replace faulty parts, and remove anything clogging these fixtures. So, try our drain & sewer repair services to see for yourself.

Call (310) 533-5401 and Reach Us For Quality Water Damage Restoration Work in Torrance, CA!

Our plumbers in Torrance, CA have extensive experience when it comes to water damage restoration work. We’re well-prepared to handle even the most complex problems, and we’re confident we can restore your peace of mind. If you have issues with your drains or sewer, don’t hesitate to call Mitigation® and ask for our team. Our phone number is (310) 533-5401, and we’ll do our best to fix your pipes right away!

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